Focus on the Thigh Gap

What is a thigh gap? It’s when there is a clear space between your upper/ middle thigh area when you are standing with your feet together. 

It’s something women have highly valued for decades, so I wanted to help clarify a little bit about it, since it’s become a controversial topic in recent years.


The Thigh Gap: Myth vs Reality

MYTH: Anyone can have a thigh gap the size of a supermodel’s

REALITY: The appearance and width of a thigh gap depends on your body – know what’s realistic for you…not for somebody else’s. It really depends on your genetics and body’s natural structure – we are not all formed from the same mold. Some of the most athletic women in the world with very little body fat have no thigh gap – would you say their bodies aren’t beautiful? I don’t think so.

Don’t skip meals, starve yourself, or work out frantically to get that elusive thigh gap. Instead, exercise in moderation (Brazil Butt Lift is a great workout to trim down those thighs in a healthy manner) and eat a reduced calorie, whole foods diet.

MYTH: You have to be underweight to have a thigh gap

REALITY: You can be a healthy weight, even slightly overweight, and have a thigh gap.

You must remember that your body’s natural structure will determine whether you will ever have a thigh gap or not and whether or not your thigh gap will be larger or minimal. Some women are heavier up top with very small thighs, so even though you have a belly, they still have a thigh gap due to their naturally slender legs. Bow legs will also leave you with more a chance for a thigh gap. And if you have naturally wider-set hips, you will also find it easier to achieve a thigh gap without having to lose a lot of fat. If you’re very straight and narrow in the hip area, you may never see a thigh gap, but who cares?! You are you, and that’s all that matters!




MYTH: You can spot reduce your inner thigh area

REALITY: You cannot spot reduce any area of your body.

The truth is that you will lose fat at the same rate from all over your body. This is why your quest for a thigh gap should be a long-term not a short term fix, because to lose fat from the area you’d like to lose it from the most often takes the longest time. This is because the area you’d like to lose it from the most is often where you hold the most fat. Losing all your unwanted fat is a journey, not an overnight quick fix.

MYTH: You need to avoid lunges, squats and other exercises that bulk your legs.

REALITY: Doing the right squats, lunges, and other exercises will help streamline your legs if done in high repetition with lower weight.

It’s when you use heavy weights in low reps that you tend to build more muscle. The trick is to tone your muscles without building too much.


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