Helsa Hosk: The Microneedling Ambassador

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The most media show of autumn has just taken place: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the fashion show with a high level of sensuality. Among the super models who have paraded in succinct lingerie in New York also the Swedish Elsa Hosk, huge blue eyes, blond hair and a pink and fresh baby skin, dotted with freckles. What is your secret for a perfect face?

The top revealed it to Elle UK in a long beauty interview.

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hoskelsa/


To have a radiant face, Elsa Hosk is not afraid to suffer. Think of the Victoria’s Secret angel buying a microneedling kit (signed Teresa Tarmey, $ 390).

Combined with products based on vitamins, this system renews the skin in depth and according to Elsa really does wonders. Some precautions, however, when it comes to microneedling. Explains Stefania Enginoli, surgeon expert in aesthetic medicine: “Microneedling is so effective, because with the pressure given by (many) very thin needles allows the epidermis to activate the processes of skin regeneration, with the creation of new skin and stimulation of collagen, but it is a technique to be measured carefully ». Why? Simple: «In order for the microneedling to be effective, it must make the treated part bleed – literally. So, first of all the recovery times will be slow and secondly by doing the microneedling too often it risks to excessively stress the skin and also give it a too shiny and fake effect. Moreover, in the case of a very light and thin skin like that of Elsa Hosk, you risk making it hyper sensitive to light, with the real risk of stains after exposure to the sun. Personally, aged 30 and over (Elsa has just turned 30) I recommend a treatment such as bio-revitalization with vitamins and hyaluronic acid, softer in the approach, but highly effective to prevent the first wrinkles ».

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