What About the Blogger

My main passions is personal development and networking. For personal development I mean “that attention constantly to improve the daily habits that generate well-being and quality.” For networking I mean the attendance of people-oriented, proactive. I strongly believe in the future and those people of good will who have the courage to persevere, to project into the minds of others trust and ethical methods to achieve well-being, serenity and contentment person.

Born on November 1958 at Savona, currently resident in Genova (Italy). Master Degree on Nuclear Engineering at Pisa University. I have been playing sports for all my life starting from water polo when I was 8 years old and arriving to gun-shooting in the last 3 years by passing through baseball (4 years), judo (5 years), rugby (12 years), trial running (13 years). I lead a healthy life, but woman are my passion. I like to look them with the eye of an artist. I adore the beauty through the art: photography, music and painting.