Carola Varini: a model and a lovely boss

The Italian Style

The young 29-year-old also has a past as a video designer and a model before reaching her great passion: cooking. In fact, Carola is the founder of the family-run bakery Sweet Carolyna Italian Bakery and to the microphones of Segreto Donna she talked about her passions: “In my life I went to art school, I graduated in video design but then I worked as a model and hostess for several years.

Since September 2018 I have dedicated myself to the art of cooking, opening my own bakery called sweet Carolyna.

In life I love to travel, eat and cartoons.

I love acting, drawing and singing, in short, everything that is art.

Carola loves to post photos of her daily life and work on Instagram with shots that portray her while she savors excellent food. Varini explained how the idea of ​​opening her bakery was born: “The idea was born in the family, when initially a micro-business was to be opened that I would have managed from home, but then we arrived at something more. There are many people behind all this: there are those who take care of the accounts, those who manage the suppliers. I take care of marketing and help behind the counter. I cook some American specialties like cupcakes, cheesecakes and brownies ”.

Carola, however, not only has a passion for cooking as she is a great Juventus fan and until recently she was the former “Zebra” of Betclic, or one of the cheerleiaders who up until a few years ago cheered up the pre-match of Juventus. (Source “Il Giornale”)

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