Reference Yoga Figures for Your Body Equilibrium

For a Long Life

Yoga is way more than just stretching.

While the physical practice is noteworthy, the mental practice is also important. Especially if you’re active in other areas of fitness.

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means “to yoke” or to join together or unite. Yogic scriptures discuss the harmony between Man and Nature, mind and body, individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness. It’s a beautiful practice with immense benefits.

Physically, yoga does so much for your body. It improves flexibility, builds your muscle strength, corrects your posture, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. The practice increases your blood flow, boosts your immunity, lowers your blood pressure and blood sugar, improves your balance and lastly, boosts your immune system.

Mentally and spiritually, yoga makes you happier, helps you focus, it releases tension, and helps you attain a deeper sleep. It gives you a peace of mind, increases your self-esteem, inner strength and encourages self care.

Enjoy the follow figures and try.. For details Just click on it.

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