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Last Updated on January 9, 2021 by Enrico Botta

My 28 years old son Alberto asked, two years ago, to about 200 young girls met on the net from different countries to send him a picture in lingerie.

About 50 (25% of total) said yes (see pictures below).

Most of them took a selfie in front of the mirror. Other asked to a girl-frend to help her. 

Whey they did?

What Are Boudoir Self Portraits

Due to the difficult nature of self-portraits, many photographers shy away from the idea. This type of photography can be very beneficial to you and your company.

Self-portraits are not about vanity or attention-seeking. They are a way to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. And they also give you the freedom to try out new ideas.

Photographing yourself can be helpful to learn different lighting and posing without having to hire a model. It can be also therapeutic for creativity.

Choosing Your Self Portrait Wardrobe

It is important to choose a wardrobe that makes the storyline come alive. And that also makes you feel good. You will most likely be alone during your self-portraits so chose pieces that you will not need assistance with.

Unless you have a friend near, lacing up a corset may be too difficult and become frustrating for your first time. Chose items that make sense to you instead of what you feel would be more acceptable.

If you are more into Calvin Klein underwear, use this. Don’t struggle with a bodysuit that is itchy and uncomfortable.

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