Legs: The More Attractive Part of a Woman

Open Mind The Passionate Desire

Why do men find women’s legs so attractive?

 Women’s legs can hold the same erotic cache as her secondary characteristics.

So much of men  triggers are formed during adolescence; when I was growing up, the key to my earliest arousals were those elements that differentiated women from girls. 

So what aroused me, and most of the other young boys I knew, were things that made a woman no longer a little girl: larger breasts, pubic hair, and fully developed, curvy legs.

The length of a woman’s legs didn’t make much difference. In fact, for some unknown reason, I greatly prefer shorter women’s legs, perhaps because they often have more pronounced variation between the joints and the muscle—shape!

This maturity factor has been a constant throughout my 60 years: like many men, larger breasts hold special allure; but I also find a woman’s body hair incredibly sexy as well, especially pubic and leg hair.

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