Katja Zwara


Last Updated on January 9, 2021 by Enrico Botta

Katja Zwara is a famous Polish lingerie model, who is known for her perfect figure and amazingly beautiful facial features. 
The 32-year-old model is also recognized for appearing in “Dance With Me Tonight” music video by Olly Murs

Besides, she did the modeling with Alexis Sky and appeared on Maxim Instagram Girl of the Week on 2015.

Though she is a known face in the fashion/lingerie industry, the information about her family has really been disclosed yet.
Katja Zwara is a quite and a low key when it comes to her personal life. Not only the information about her parents, but also any of her family members and her education has not been disseminated as of yet. 

Social Media
Katja Zwara is active both in Instagram as well as Twitter.

Her Instagram handle is Katja Zwara and twitter handle is @KatjaZ.

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