Photographing the Backend: Look and Learn

Reminding the Past

Your goal is to bring out the peculiarities of the female body compared to the male, that is to say, the curves.

Think of the classic hourglass shape.

You can create theatrical poses by rotating the shoulders of the model relative to the axis of the hips, to highlight the curves. This pose is more dramatic than the classical one used by artists for over 2000 years.

Use soft lights for the curves.

There are many ways in which it is possible to illuminate the female nude, but generally speaking, you will want to use very soft lights to underline the softness of the female forms.

You can opt for a uniform lighting, in which the subject is completely illuminated, or you can decide to illuminate the subject only on one side, with a more suggestive effect. Or, you can accentuate the dramatic effect by placing the light source behind the subject.

I have published 43 examples for you: just slides

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