Valentina Vignali: A Cute Basketball Player

The Beauty The Italian Style

Viola Valentina Vignali (Rimini, 30 May 1991) is a basketball player, model and Italian television personality.

In October 2013, the first major media wave invests her, making sure that the name of Valentina Vignali is among the most clicked on the web.

In the same year, she set up without cover for the Italian edition of the famous “Playboy” magazine, which was dedicated to the cover.

Quickly reaches his first 100k followers on Facebook and the catchphrase of “The sexiest basketball player in Italy” goes around the world, an opportunity to start talking about themselves even overseas.

In the “Trace Sports” ranking of the most beautiful basketball players in the world, Valentina gets on the podium and gets the silver medal.

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